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Anime Title Humour

Last change: 1999/1/10

A compilation of a thread in rec.arts.anime.misc about silly/oddball misspellings, misinterpretations and other perversions of anime titles. If I've missed any, you have more or you have info on the real titles of some of these, or have a better idea on where any should be put, email me.

The first part is organized by actual title. If there is more than one entry for a title, I have created a title entry in this section.

The second part is for everything else - there was only one entry for a particular title (or I couldn't figure out if two were related) or I couldn't work out the original. This section is organized by misspelled title.

There is also a selection of crossovers/combinations (within and outside of anime).

And a section devoted to the Borg Anime thread.

:!: NOTE: I take no responsibility for the content of these titles. This is merely a compilation of humour from a newsgroup.

Manga Translations

Last change: 2008-7-14

Note: This is all way out of date and will probably stay that way.

Note on iSilo editions: To read these, you must have iSilo on your Palm OS device or iPhone.

Ah! My Goddess!

Dragon Half Trilogy

Volume 1

Volume 2

Sazan Eyes/3x3 Eyes

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