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“The beast is actively interested only in now, and, as it is always now and always shall be, there is an eternity of time for the accomplishment of objects.”
- the wisdom of Tarzan

2000 Old News

2000/10/1: Updated AMG! Dark Horse translation status.

  • Note: Editing of translations of volumes 2 & 3 of the Dragon Half Trilogy will take a while - none of the character names are prefixed to the dialog, so I must enter them all in as I go. Even with a scrapbook to paste them in, it's laborious on a Palm.

2000/7/17: Woohoo! Finally got the timing right of remembering to do it and the Turnpike's "Add Link" page being available. But it looks like they just updated the URL - I'm still only listed in the Personal Pages section.

  • Dragon Half Vol 1 Book 2 translation for Palm OS added. Also minor formatting change to Vol 1 Book 1.

2000/6/15: New Dragon Half manga translations (for Palm OS only).

  • Updated AMG! Dark Horse translation status.

2000/5/16: Cool! iSilo (for Palm OS) versions of the manga translations!

2000/5/7: Well, that was a long break! I'm just doing too many things at once - time to simplify again (it happens every few years).

  • Updated AMG! Dark Horse translation status.
  • Cleaned up the HTML so that my new favourite browser, iCab, will smile. So far the first stage of smiling is achieved (yellow/neutral smile) and maybe someday I'll pick it apart some more to get the full blue smile ^_^
  • I have a new version of the GIS Converter ready, but I need to tidy up the package a bit and add some legal mumbo-jumbo.
  • I also have a new Kanji SKIP lookup application, but again I need to finish up some things first.
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