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“The beast is actively interested only in now, and, as it is always now and always shall be, there is an eternity of time for the accomplishment of objects.”
- the wisdom of Tarzan

2001 Old News

2001/12/31: Well, since nobody visits this page I didn't notice right away that all the links pointed back to the old @home site. And I thought I checked that!

2001/11/20: Site moved.

2001/11/11: NEW eBook section. I plan to put the eBooks I've reformatted for iSilo. First one: The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol 1, by Richard Burton.

Ditched the Let iCab Smile link - nice idea, but their validation doesn't always work right.

Also dropped the Bandwidth Preservation Society link - they seem to be kaput. Updated AMG! Dark Horse translation status.

2001/7/11: Decided to move the page back to @home.

Updated AMG! Dark Horse translation status.

I got a full set of the Video Girl Ai manga, so that's going to slow down the Dragon Half manga. But, expect to start seeing VG Ai translations for Palm OS!

2001/3/9: OK, finally finished Dragon Half Book 3. Also added HTML versions of the Dragon Half manga.

Updated AMG! Dark Horse translation status.

I figured out my @home problems, but I'll leave things at work for now (email is good to any address you find on the site - I haven't synced all pages yet).

2001/1/29: Having continuous troubles with @home, so I moved the site to my works' server. It's not a big bandwidth drain, so it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, that's all. Still poking along at the Dragon Half manga.

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