Kyng Chaos
“The beast is actively interested only in now, and, as it is always now and always shall be, there is an eternity of time for the accomplishment of objects.”
- the wisdom of Tarzan

I thought I had this all figured out!

OK, looks like PHP and MapServer are not for 10.3.9 either. A couple recent Tiger changes are too much for Panther: libcurl (used in PHP and MapServer) changed from 2 to 3, not just a point version change; and libbz2 (used in PHP) is not in Panther at all.Looks like I'll have to make separate Panther and Tiger installers after all :-( I'll update the dependency checking later so the current installers won't install on 10.3.9. The previous installers are still available if you need Panther support.

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