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We have achieved Universality

Well, mostly. All packages are now Universal for PPC and Intel Macs, in some way. Today I added PHP 4.4.2 and MapServer 4.8.1.

The main problem is that I don't have an Intel Mac yet, and it may be a while before I do get one. And Apple left out a couple things in their Universal SDK - Apache, Perl (not that I care about Perl). For Python, I'm waiting on the non-Apple MacPython, and Oracle and LizardTech are the only sources of binaries for OCI and MrSID. Then there are a couple items that want to run a just-built program during the build process. All this means that some software must be built for Intel ON an Intel Mac, unless I figure out some possible major hacks.

What does that leave, then? HDF5 and MrSID in GIS Libs. Oracle OCI in various packages. Anything directly dependent on Apache (CGI-based software is OK).

Oh yeah, what about Rosetta? I have no idea if PPC-only stuff in my packages will work in Rosetta, if the whole package is PPC-only (ie my older packages). The basic stuff may - Graphics Libs and GIS Libs, but plugin-type stuff like PHP-Apache mod and PHP-MapScript for the same, and possibly even CGIs, probably not because Apache will already be running Intel-native. There is the known issue of old PPC Safari plugins not working because Safari is running Intel-native, unless you force Safari to run thru Rosetta.

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