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GDAL-GRASS-Qgis Rebuild

OK, I figured out part of my problems with with GDAL and GRASS – GRASS' version checking is very particular, and the version value, which should reflect the major.minor version only, can change in a point update. 6.4RC4 != 6.4RC5. Hopefully when GRASS 6.4 is final, this version value won't change ;) Qgis then needs to be updated. I bundled a copy of the necessary GRASS libraries in the GDAL framework, so it wasn't affected, but it may cause confusion when multiple copies of the libraries are loaded (ie once in GDAL and once from Qgis).

So, to reduce redundancy and possible version confusion in GDAL, and simplify compilation and packaging for me, I've separated the GDAL-GRASS plugin from the GDAL Framework, and packaged it with the GRASS application. The plugin now uses the GRASS application, instead of a bundled copy of the GRASS libraries in GDAL (now removed).

And, Qgis is rebuilt to use GRASS 6.4RC5.

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