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SQLite 3.6.16-1

SQLite3 Framework updated to 3.6.16 + Spatialite 2.3.1. Note that I noticed a license problem – the Spatialite tools are GPL, while the library is MPL (Mozilla, similar to other BSD-like licenses). I would like to keep the framework non-GPL, so I split the Spatialite tools into a separate download (no fancy installer, I'm too lazy).

For the same reason, I left out the new Rasterlite library component, it's GPL. I probably won't make a separate GPL version of the whole framework which includes Rasterlite. Partly because of the GPL, partly because I'm not convinced of the practicality of storing raster data in a database (and please don't email me to argue the point). If you want the Rasterlite features, I have a buildscript which you can use to build your own SQLite framework.

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