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- the wisdom of Tarzan

GDAL 1.10 beta2, SQLite 3.7.16

Mainly of interest to developers, SQLite and GDAL 1.10 beta2 are now available.

GDAL 1.10 is a beta version, use at your own risk. There is no GDAL Complete 1.10 for now, nor are there format plugins yet. It requires the new SQLite 3.7.16, which includes Spatialite 4.0. Both should be installed on top on GDAL Complete 1.9. Don't worry, GDAL 1.9 and SQLite 3.7.14 (with Spatialite 3.0) will be left alone so other software will continue to work, though Python and the GDAL tools will now use GDAL 1.10.

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