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Build Notes

The version listed is what the instructions refer to, there may be a more recent version. Many depend on a previous library being installed.

Each major OSX version has its own section in the notes. Builds are not meant to be backwards-compatible for older OSX versions, but are generally forwards-compatible with later versions. Tiger builds are universal. Leopard builds are quad-arch universal 32+64bits. Compilation uses the ccub trick when needed. See the Universal & 64bit notes for more info.

Framework Support

These are needed (optional) only when compiling the frameworks (GDAL mostly, really) from source.

Package Version Last Change Depends Build Notes
CFITSIO 3.2x 2010/7/26 - build
DAP 3.9.x 2009/8/8 - build
ECW 3.3 2008/12/10 libjpeg build
HDF4 4.2.x 2010/7/26 jpeg, szip build
HDF5 1.8.x 2010/7/26 szip build
OGDI 3.2.x 2010/7/27 expat, proj.4 build
NetCDF 4.x 2010/7/28 - build
Szip 2.x 2010/7/26 - build Compression used in HDF
Xerces 3.1 2010/7/27 - build Full XML library

Application & Framework Support

These support end-products and frameworks. If using the frameworks as a base, these need to be compiled for application end-products (see the application's requirements) and some frameworks.

Package Version Last Change Depends Build Notes
expat 2.0.1 2010/7/27 - build Simple XML library
GD 2.0.36rc1 2010/7/27 libjpeg, libpng, freetype2 build
libfftw 3.1.x 2008/6/27 - build Used in i.fft, i.ifft GRASS modules
ming 0.4.3 2010/7/27 libgif, libpng, freetype2 build Flash library
MySQL 5.x 2009/8/7 - build See phpMyAdmin for an excellent MySQL web-based client to manage databases
Tcl/Tk 8.5.x 2010/7/27 - build Tcl/Tk support will be removed in GRASS 7 in favor of Python
wxPython 2.8.x 2010/7/30 libjpeg, libpng, libtiff build GUI toolkit in Python, also as libraries ("wxWidgets")

Binaries Available

These have binaries available. The frameworks include the Framework Support libraries statically linked (in italics below). The applications include the other Support libraries and programs above.

Package Version Last Change Depends Build Binary Notes
giflib 4.1.x 2010/7/26 - build UnixImageIO framework
libjpeg 8b 2010/7/26 - build UnixImageIO framework
libpng 1.4.x 2010/7/26 - build UnixImageIO framework
libtiff 4.0b 2010/7/26 libjpeg build UnixImageIO framework
geotiff 1.3.x 2010/7/26 libtiff, libjpeg, PROJ build UnixImageIO framework
libjasper 1.900.1 UUID 2010/7/26 libjpeg build UnixImageIO framework JPEG2000 library
freetype2 2.4.x 2010/7/26 - build FreeType framework
Cairo 1.8.x 2010/7/27 libpng, freetype2 build cairo framework 2D graphics library for multiple output devices
PROJ.4 4.7.x 2010/7/26 - build PROJ framework Get the proj source AND the datum files
GEOS 3.x 2010/7/26 - build GEOS framework
GSL 1.14 2010/7/27 - build GSL framework
PostgreSQL 8.4.x 2010/7/27 - build PostgreSQL
PostGIS 1.5.x 2010/7/28 PostgreSQL, GEOS, PROJ build PostGIS
PHP 5.x 2010/7/29 libjpeg, libpng, libtiff,
libjasper, freetype, GD,
MySQL, PostgreSQL
build PHP
GDAL/OGR 1.7.x 2010/7/29 libgif, libjpeg, libpng, libtiff,
libjasper, PROJ, HDF, NetCDF,
MySQL, PostgreSQL
build GDAL framework
GRASS 6.4 2009/3/1 libjpeg, libpng, libtiff, freetype,
PROJ, GDAL, Postgres, sqlite,
FFTW, MySQL, ffmpeg,
tcltk, Python, wxpython
build GRASS
MapServer 5.x 2010/3/26 libjpeg, libpng, freetype,
GD, AGG, ming, pdflib,
PROJ, GDAL, GEOS, Postgres
build MapServer
Qgis 1.x - expat, GDAL, GEOS, PROJ,
sqlite, gsl, GRASS,
Qt, Python, PyQt
build Qgis

Old Stuff

These are not used any more. I won't be updating their build instructions, don't ask for help.

Package Version Last Change Depends Build Notes
AGG 2.4 2009/3/1 - build Get v2.4 for its more compatible BSD license (2.5+ uses the GPL), not needed in Mapserver 5.6+ (now in source)
libharu 2.1.0 2009/3/1 libpng build PDF library, slow development, cairo also does PDF
PDFlib 6.0.3 2009/3/1 - build 'The' PDF library, but not very open-source fiendly, not supported in MapServer any more
WKTRaster 0.1.x 2010/7/28 PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GEOS, GDAL build raster extension for PostGIS
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