Installer updates

What with getting distracted and trying to figure out some build issues, this update took a while. So, here you go:

Graphics Libs 1.6. TIFF updated to 3.7.4. GIF updated to 4.1.4. Utils for PDFlib added (I noticed that these were not installed by default for some reason). For the Panther package, I also aded Sqlite – Apple includes it in Tiger.

GIS Libs 1.6. CFITSIO updated to 3b4. ECW/JP2 added, for Tiger only for now, there’s a build issue with Panther I need to work on (don’t get your hopes up, though). GDAL/OGR updated to 1.3.1. Support added for PCRaster, Sqlite, ODBC, ESRI Personal DB and ECW (Tiger only). ODBC support is handled by the Apple-supplied iODBC, not unixODBC. GRASS support is handled as a GDAL plugin now, this avoids the circular dependency hell between GRASS and GDAL that occassionally gives me trouble.