Installer updates, and things to come

Graphics Libs updates: Expat 2.0, Readline 5.1, TIFF 3.8.0. An updater is included for ImageMagick if you need 16-bit quantum depth.

GIS Libs updates: GEOS 2.2.1, CFITSIO 3.005b. GeoTIFF CVS, for a bugfix for certain projection tags. GDAL/OGR was fixed to correctly support varchar fields in Postgres and MySQL DBs, otherwise it’s still v1.3.1.

Postgres 8.1 + PostGIS 1.1 is coming soon, I just need to test some DB update instructions.

PHP is in the works with added OCI and ImageMagick support. Hopefully I can also work out a Universal Binary also.

After that, I plan to change system requirements for the Panther versions of the installers. Currently I must maintain a bootable 10.3.8 AND 10.3.9 on the same Mac, in addition to my other Mac with Tiger, and at some time an Intel Mac. The 10.3.8 is used to generate the installer binaries that work back to 10.3.6. Quite a chore, so I will drop old Panther support and require 10.3.9 for future Panther installers.

It may be a while for a complete Intel build for everything (a couple libraries won’t build Intel on PPC, at least without much hassle). I was disappointed by the laptop “MacBook Pro”. Until native Intel versions of Adobe software are released, I don’t forsee getting any iMacs where I work, though Rosetta may work well enough for Adobe software. We’ll see. And my personal budget rules out an iMac at home (I was hoping for the Mini to go Intel).