GRASS updated, future plans

GRASS has been updated to the latest CVS. Also, due to continuing Aqua issues, NVIZ is now X11-based. The good news there is that it runs on both PPC and Intel Macs.

Other news:

I’ve been working on frameworks for almost everything in my library packages. When I first started these packages, I wanted to do frameworks, but I didn’t know much then and it was hard work (yet mostly successful), but I’ve figured out how to simplify their construction. And other Mac developers discouraged the idea, because ‘Apple tried it way back at the beginnings of OS X and gave up’. That was then, this is now, times change.

I’m trying to make them as easy to use in both environments as possibly – that is, as used in normal Cocoa/Carbon applications, and for ‘nix porting. So, in most cases they should be usable as is from a normal ‘nix configure-make-install without changes to the ‘nix source. As frameworks, they’re also brought out into the open more, not hidden away in /usr/local. Eventually, they should be easily movable to be packaged in a Mac OS X .app package, such as QGIS or GRASS.

If they work out well, I will switch my other packages (MapServer, PHP, GQIS, GRASS) to use them.

They’re almost ready, just some build and run testing needed, and the dreaded readmes.

Then there is Panther. While the current packages are Panther compatible, I was intending to continue creating Panther-only packages with help from another. I’ve been lazy contacting said help for progress status.

Right now the framework development is Tiger-only, but I may try to make them Panther compatible. The thing is, Leopard is in the radar. Knowing Apple’s record (or, unofficial policy) of back-supporting only the previous OS version, and with my policy (I think I mentioned it at one time) of supporting OS versions that Apple supports, I’m not sure it’s worthwhile to mash the frameworks into Panther compatibility. I’ll see how the frameworks work out in general first, then think about Panther…