GRASS & Postgres updates

New GRASS builds – 6.3 CVS weekly and 6.2 RC1. I also added a universal build of gpsbabel to the package so there is no need to download a separate GPSBabel app (I haven’t seen any that are universal yet). I don’t have much to test this on, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I removed Readline support from both GRASS and Postgres (the psql client app). This is for Panther compatibility. When I switched to the system’s libedit, I didn’t catch that Panther’s libedit isn’t fully readline-compatible. For me, the built-in history and editing capabilities on the Terminal are enough, but if there is interest I can take a look at adding readline back into GRASS and Postgres. At least in the future when I stop supporting Panther (when Leopard is released) I should be able to.