More updates for GDAL issues

I rebundled GRASS 6.2.1 with the new non-Python-based startup wrapper, so there shouldn’t be random problems with Python environment corruption. I did NOT rebuild GRASS 6.2.1, so it still uses GDAL 1.3.

I forgot Qgis had bundled GRASS libs that still link to GDAL 1.3. I fixed this with a new binary. I also added a universal gpsbabel, with USB support, to the Qgis application package. Qgis should automatically find it, but I don’t have any GPS hardware to test it. The Xcode project has also been updated with the patch needed for Qgis to find gpsbabel in the app package, and to copy it into the bundle.

New GRASS 6.3 CVS binary and Xcode project to match. Up-to-date with today’s CVS. I renamed Run Script and Copy Files build phases in the Xcode project so it’s easier to follow the build logic.

New GDAL 1.4 build to fix CURL problems on Panther.