BIG Update

There have been some major version changes in recent weeks, so I had to rebuild everything (except Qgis, but it’s coming soon).

At the core of things, here’s what we have:

  • GD is back from the dead! Some bug fixes, not a major update, but worth noting.
  • FreeType bumps up a version to 2.3.
  • PDFlib Lite – I actually added the 7.0 preview to the framework last December, but other things needed rebuilding (PHP).
  • PROJ – I added the Canada EPSG codes.
  • GEOS 3 added to the framework. This will install alongside 2.2 if that is installed, to keep backward compatibility.
  • SQLite3 updated.
  • GDAL – some internal support library updates, plus linked to other updated frameworks here.
  • A couple other libraries built into various packages were updated – curl and bzip2.

A big requirement update – everything that needs Python now uses Python 2.5 (except Qgis, of course).

And the application and server-related stuff:

  • Postgres updated to 8.2.3.
  • PHP – 5.2.1 update. Finally caught up with the 4.4 updates.
  • MapServer – rebuilt the static build, updated both static and framework builds to 4.10.1. Note: I tried to figure out the meta-package installer thing again, but it won’t behave – optional installs and Panther/Tiger mixes cause problems.
  • GRASS – rebuilt 6.2.1, updated 6.3 to latest CVS. NOTE: I’m working on getting a Mac OS X app build into the source and will not develop the Xcode project any more. It was a good learning experience, but hard to maintain.

That leaves Qgis. I’m waiting for the 0.8.1 release, which should be imminent (it was planned for last weekend). There has been interest in my frameworks there, so it’s possible the ‘official’ OSX build will be integrated with my stuff, and I may not need to build Qgis.