SumomOS update!

It’s been a while. I finally got (made) time to work on SumomOS a little. What’s new:

  • Cleaned up some glitches and generally tweaked the theme.
  • Removed the chalkboard variation, it’s just the pink chalkboard now.
  • Finished a few app skins – Safari, Mail, Address Book.

iTunes and iPhoto are going to be troublesome to skin – they mostly redo the whole GUI look. iPhoto isn’t so bad, but iTunes… Then there are the Adobe apps, the app itself doesn’t have any meaningful graphics to theme, it’s all in the plugins (one mostly), and I need to figure out how to get those into a template.

I hope to get most of the app skins done before Leopard hits. Or at least before ShapeShifter is updated to work with Leopard.