Framework updates

And, a batch of framework updates:

GDAL 1.4.2-4 — Curl, DAP, GeoTIFF, MySQL support updated. Dropped the internal plugins for base formats, except GRASS which must be a plugin – all formats except GRASS and those available as separate plugin downloads are built into the GDAL framework. This is the normal method of building GDAL anyways. Plugins seemed like a good idea once upon a time, to more easily update individual formats, but I end up rebuilding the whole framework most of the time anyways.

rgdal updated also. And I added a debug build of the GDAL framework binary.

GD 2.0.35-2 — fixed a small Panther compatibility issue.

SQLite 3.4.2-1 — version update. I also added the FTS2 (full text search) extension.

UnixImageIO 1.0.16 — updated TIFF library to recent 3.9.0 beta.