Postgres 8.3.0

Postgres 8.3.0 is finally ready, along with rebuilt PostGIS and pgRouting extensions. Besides 8.3.0 itself, there are a few other changes in the distribution:

  • Startup changed to a launch daemon. It is included in the installer (not separate), and the old startupitem will be deleted by the installer.
  • Restored PL/Python language (I got it to build 64bits). But I’m permanently dropping PL/Perl because Apple’s Perl is simply not meant for 3rd-party use (while Apple has renewed interest in Python as much as to provide application templates in Xcode).
  • Added locale support (translations for messages, separate from character encoding support which it always had).
  • Data cluster is now initialized with UTF8 encoding.
  • Expanded help files for some common questions and features, such as initializing a cluster for other locales and encodings.