Postgres & Extensions Big Update

Postgres finally updated to 9.6, along with the PostGIS (to 2.4.5) and pgRouting (to 2.6.1) extensions. As with the rest of the recent packages (GDAL, QGIS), minimum macOS 10.10. That includes the transition PostGIS and pgRouting for for Postgres 9.4, because of C++ needs for pgRouting.

This is a major upgrade, see the upgrade readme on the disk image for details. A quick summary from Postgres 9.4 to 9.6 in place:

    1. Upgrade your system to at least 10.10 Yosemite
    2. Update PostGIS and pgRouting extensions (if installed) to the transition versions made for Postgres 9.4, including running extension updates on your databases
    3. Update Postgres to 9.6 plus the same-version extensions made for PG 9.6
    4. run pg_upgrade