Download Archive

Old downloads. For reference and historical purposes mostly, but there are some points where support for an old system version stopped, or there was a major overhaul, that could be useful.

Packages are in reverse chronological order, most recent at the top. Only the last build version for each point version is listed (ie 1.2.3-2, but not 1.2.3-1), unless there was a system change. Also shown are supported dependency versions for each (if it has dependencies). Only direct dependencies are listed (ie GDAL has some extras not listed in other packages).

All packages for system version 10.4 are built as Universal binaries (PPC + Intel), unless otherwise noted. All packages for system version 10.5 include both 32bit and 64bit support (in addition to universal), unless otherwise noted. All packages for system version 10.6 are Intel only, 32+64bit. A “?” in a system version column indicates it hasn’t been checked, but it may still work (but it will only have the universal or 64bit support of the previous system version).