Installer updates, part 1

I had more planned for the weekend, but here’s what I was able to finish:

Graphics Libs 1.4 – the OpenGL tiffgt utility now builds, I found the UUID version of JasPer, and new: MING (forshadowing future plans).

GIS Libs 1.4 – GDAL updated to 05-7-31 CVS, this adds large-file support to formats that support it, and fixes bugs and includes other additions that it’s really difficult to figure out what they are due to lack of an ongoing changelog. GDAL also now includes GeoJP2 support via the UUID JasPer from Graphics Libs. And I added the Python utilities for GDAL.

In the works are PHP 4.4, PHP CGI and PHP-MapScript to match, and Python MapScript, and MING/Flash output for MapServer.

Stay tuned.