Installer updates, part 2

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Here we go! Big update.

Graphics Libs 1.5 – Added Readline 5.0 and Xerces 2.6.0. Ming updated to CVS (still called 0.3beta1, tho). I finally have enough extras here that in the future I may split off a Base Libs package.

GIS Libs 1.5 – GDAL updated to 1.3.0 beta (really it’s CVS from this morning, but it’s effectively 1.3.0 beta). Added Xerces support for GML. The Python tools still use the old SWIG bindings. I’ll look at updating that in the next release (I’m just getting into the Python thing, so it’s all new to me).

Postgres 8.0.3 + PostGIS 1.0.3 – Updated to PostGIS 1.0.3 (there’s an important bounding box bugfix that may affect indexing). Added readline support to psql.

PHP 4.4.0-1 – Updated PHP to 4.4.0. Added Ming support. Added readline support (affects CLI PHP only).

MapServer 4.6.0-4 – Added Ming output.

Phwew! Next time, look for a CGI PHP and MapServer to go along with that.