Just a couple more updates

PostGIS also broke with the GEOS framework change. New Postgres+PostGIS to fix that.

And, the weekly GRASS builds. GRASS 6.2 beta 3, and the weekend’s 6.3 CVS snapshot.

Oh, yeah, MacBook came back yesterday. Hopefully Apple truly figured out the RSS thing and I won’t have any more problems. Strangely, they replaced the hard drive. Most of yesterday was spent restoring from various backups and stuff I worked on on the PowerBook. ^_^


My MacBook is on its way to Apple for repairs (sudden shutoff syndrome). I’m using an old PowerBook from work until the MacBook returns. It can handle the development needs, but I’ll probably take it easy and only take care of serious problems in the Unix Ports.

On a brighter note, I just found out that there is a ShapeShifter beta that works on Intel (it still has a Rosetta issue, so I don’t recommend it for the casual user). I can finally work on filling in the missing app bits in the Sumomo theme!

Site Updates

Ah, that’s better. I’ve been meaning to do something about the font sizes on the site. Then my new MacBook, with it’s denser screen (same number of pixels wide as my old PowerBook 15″) made the text microscopic. Of course, not setting a larger minimum text size in Safari, like I did on my PB, didn’t help. But it gave me an idea what others that use defaults might be seeing. Curse the web designers (if they can be called that) that want to cram as much as possible on a screen!

A few things to tidy up yet, but the site is usable. Time for bed.

Site upgrade in progress

Things may look a bit odd for a short time while I work on the theme. Yes, Sumomo will be coming to my web site style.

Some new features to note:

  • RSS news feed. You should see the RSS tag in Safari (and possibly other browsers).
  • I didn’t hack out the menu bar, so you’ll see the usual Geeklog menu. I didn’t have to because there is more control over anonymous submissions (ie, they don’t do anything for anonymous users).
  • I may enable user registration. I may not. At least I may let anonymous users comment. I’m still thinking about it.


Some idiot used some code injection thing to use my site to send a ton of spam (some Chase phishing). After maxing out my outgoing limit, my host automatically bounced the rest back to me. ~3000 came back! What a mess.

I’ve updated PHP and applied some Geeklog security updates, so I hope that takes care of it. I’m sorry if any of those might have hit any regulars to my site (it would be pure coincidence). No information seems to have been compromised, not that I have anything usable to anyone, my site was just used as a relay of sorts.

Sorry for the downtime

Oops, my host had MySQL problems last week. Tho the problems didn’t affect the site much, my host decided to update MySQL yesterday, and that killed it.I guess I should keep a closer eye on my site, and not wait for someone to gripe (or not).

Now thing’s are moving

I now have all the old pages moved into the Geeklog system. For now they are just encased in GL shells, same content. Most of them will probably stay that way. As I have time, I will move some into more appropriate plugins – ie gallery, downloads.

The contact link above will send email to me. I may add a spam-resistant email address link later.

Please let me know if you find any problems.