Installer updates, part 1

I had more planned for the weekend, but here’s what I was able to finish:

Graphics Libs 1.4 – the OpenGL tiffgt utility now builds, I found the UUID version of JasPer, and new: MING (forshadowing future plans).

GIS Libs 1.4 – GDAL updated to 05-7-31 CVS, this adds large-file support to formats that support it, and fixes bugs and includes other additions that it’s really difficult to figure out what they are due to lack of an ongoing changelog. GDAL also now includes GeoJP2 support via the UUID JasPer from Graphics Libs. And I added the Python utilities for GDAL.

In the works are PHP 4.4, PHP CGI and PHP-MapScript to match, and Python MapScript, and MING/Flash output for MapServer.

Stay tuned.

Installer updates

A few updates today:

Graphics Libs – updated libTIFF to 3.7.3.

GIS Libs – updated GEOS to 2.1.3, OGDI to 3.1.5. Fixed the library search issue with OGDI, so you don’t have to mess with Terminal environment variables or specify the whole library name for drivers. ie, gltp:/vrf/ just like the examples say.

Postgres+PostGIS – PostGIS updated to 1.0.2.

PHP4 XML_RPC Security Alert

There is a security vulnerability in PHP’s XML RPC. Until a new release includes the fix, there is a simple way you can update your PHP installation. Assuming you are using my PHP package, type this in the Terminal (note, it downloads and installs a patch from

sudo /usr/local/php4/bin/pear upgrade XML_RPC

You can update Apple’s PHP by leaving off the path to pear.

You should do this update even on a fresh download of my PHP package until a permanent solution is included.

Installer updates

Man, I gotta slow down. There seems to be a bit of a bug in the Apple Installer – if you get a warning about a missing package (that’s not required), it may tell you there’s nothing to install. So I removed the warnings for unrequired packages in the PHP, Postgres and MapServer installers. Now you can really install MapServer without Postgres.

unRAR updated

Digging thru some old stuff, I decided that my CLI unRAR installer needed an update. New version of unrar, some changes (detailed in the included history file). You can use it to update UnRarX.

New 7z CLI tool

Ack! Another compression format. It has pretty impressive compression, but it’s not for everday Mac use – it doesn’t retain permissions and has no clue about Mac file stuff like resource forks. Find it in the software page.

Mac OS X build instructions major update

I finally got a chance to clean up the build instructions and verify Tiger compatibility. Only a few version changes, and couple additions (HDF and NetCDF for GDAL!). One big change is the addition of patch files, to replace hacking files with a text editor and reduce the chance of errors.

I decided to not have everything build exactly as my installers are generated, so you can mess around with both. There are some general notes on the Downloads page if you want to try to mix installer binaries with build instructions, ie if you want to use all the available installers as a base for GRASS (I may add that to the instructions in more detail).

I’m looking into getting the GRASS side of the instructions on the GRASS site, so it’s more visible. I haven’t decided if I want to maintain 2 slightly different sets (ie change my copy to use my binaries), or 2 the same, or just on the GRASS site (not likely). We’ll see how it goes.

MapServer 4.6 and Graphics Libs update

Well, aren’t things just happnin here!?

MapServer 4.6 (final) is here, just in time for OSG.

Graphics Libs – added a patch I discovered while poking around PDFlib. It adds support for certain old JPEGs-in-TIFFs created by Wang software.

That’s all for now. Off to OSG.