1998 Old News

1998/12/26: Added a bunch of new Misspelled Anime Titles. Enjoy. Also, the software utility page is almost ready.

1998/11/15: Started into volume 2 of Sazan Eyes manga:finished up Fujii Yakumo stories. A bit of a style change for the translation table of contents pages to make navigation a little easier. Lightened up the translation backgrounds some more so the pages should be easier to read (I originally did these on my old PB 520c – not a very good screen for graphics).

1998/10/16: Finished up volume 1 of the Sazan Eyes manga: Fujii Yakumo part 1-3.

1998/9/28: Updated the Misspelled Anime Titles page with titles from the most recent incarnation of the thread. Lots of new crossover titles! (among others) Also split the page up since it was getting so big.

1998/7/30: I’ll probably never get to doing any MIDI stuff, so why have a disabled link on the front page. I also added a line in each translation chapter that I did some editing.

1998/7/24: I added AMS chapters 17-20 translations. This is all I have (actually I have a couple from volume 4, but there’s a gap and Dark Horse has translated those too). I’ll be slowly working on 3×3 Eyes now.

1998/7/1: Finally fixed the volume 2 stars for the AMG! translation page (it’s about time I remember to do that! ^_^)

1998/6/25: Added 2 chapters of Sazan Eyes manga translations.

  • Moved the original translator info to the start of each chapter.
  • Fixed a couple other bad links.

1998/6/22: I thought I would add a news & updates section to make it easier to see what’s been going on. I’m close to having chapters 4 & 5 of Sazan Eyes manga ready. This will round out the current story – “The Devil Eyes Mystery”.

Not long before 1998/6/22: Fixed some loopy links in the AMS! translations.

Manga translations for Sazan Eyes will be posted as I find time.

I will also be adding a section for various utilities I’ve written – mostly for work, converting GIS data and batch editing Illustrator drawings, and for now very simple and crude. I have time at my job for software development so I will eventually be spiffing them up. I think I will wait until then to post them here. I also need to work out with my boss ownership & copyright type stuff.

I don’t know when I’ll ever get to working on any MIDI files. There’s a stacks of sheet music and MB’s of MIDI files I’ve collected that demand attention.

<Sigh> So much time, so little to do. Wait, back up, reverse that. (Willie Wonka)