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- the wisdom of Tarzan
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QGIS 2.4

QGIS 2.4 is here. Some cool new features, my favourite is multithreaded rendering.

GRASS 6.4.4

GRASS 6.4.4 is released. Note that minimum OS X is now Lion, and the new requirement of XQuartz, since Apple dropped their X11 in Mt Lion.

QGIS 2.2-10

I missed a bunch of GDAL links when updating QGIS for GDAL 1.11. Should be all better now in QGIS 2.2-10.

Note that GDAL 1.11 needs Apple's Java 6 (not Oracle's Java), for the MDB driver, and QGIS will trigger the system to ask to install it if it isn't already.

2014/06/15 11:40

GDAL 1.11 & UnixImageIO 1.5.0

Big update! GDAL 1.11 and UnixImageIO 1.5.

Lots of new things for GDAL:

  • New formats: KRO, CartoDB, GME, GPKG, OpenFileGDB, SFX, SOSI, WALK, WAsP
    • OpenFileGDB can read v9 FileGDBs, though you may still want the ESRI API-based driver for 10.x GDBs since the OpenFileGDB does not use spatial indices.
  • Other changes as mentioned in the GDAL 1.11 News
  • I dropped the ODBC-based drivers (PGeo, Geomedia, WALK) because there is still no known working MDB ODBC driver. BUT, I did add the Jackcess/Java-based MDB driver that can handle those formats. Jackcess is bundled with GDAL and linked into the Java extensions folder.
  • The ECW driver plugin now uses the brand-spankin new ECW 5.1 SDK. Like the FileGDB driver, the ECW SDK has an export control on it so you must download and install it separately, instructions are in the plugin readme.
  • I realized that the MrSID SDK also has export control, so I removed it from the plugin installer, and you must install it separately also. And I removed all other versions of the plugin because the older versions of the SDK are not available, so I can't simply remove them from the old installers.
  • With a better understanding of the different parts of the PDF drivers, I moved all PDF features from the framework to the driver plugin. So now both vector and raster PDF read and write are in the plugin.

For UnixImageIO I added the OpenJPEG library for another JPEG2000 option (used by GDAL now). Thus the version bump. It's still backwards compatible with software made for the previous UIIO.

QGIS 2.2 and PostGIS 2.1.3 have been rebuilt to use the new GDAL framework.

2014/05/24 11:33

Dusty 16 Years

Dusty took her last breath this morning, 2014/4/24, 8:30. Farewell, Dusty, you are leaving me 16 years of memories. The dust-bunnies will miss you.

Dusty 2 years old Dusty 13 years old

2014/04/24 09:13


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