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Postgres 9.4.9 & Extensions

Postgres updated to 9.4.9. Along with PostGIS 2.2.2 and pgRouting 2.0.1.

I will try to update pgRouting to 2.2, but it is possibly a problem due to C++ library issues.

2016/09/28 18:17

QGIS 2.16!

Sorry for the long wait. QGIS 2.16.2 is now available. And QGIS 2.14.6 has been promoted to LTR. Both now use GDAL 2.1 (included).

2016/09/24 10:00

GDAL 2.1

Finally starting to catch up. First up is a big GDAL 2.1 update (I skipped 2.0). Note that for end-users this will not be automatically used by other software like QGIS and GRASS. Next will be updating QGIS (new versions & to use GDAL 2.1).

2016/09/18 12:41

QGIS 2.12

QGIS 2.12 ready.

2015/10/28 19:16

QGIS Packaging, Take 2

Window memory is voodoo. The rules have changed again, and my carefully laid out window to show the order of installing everything gets alphabetized and meaningless.

New QGIS 2.8.3 installer with the installer packages themselves numbered for install order.

2015/10/27 16:49


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