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- the wisdom of Tarzan
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QGIS 2.8

QGIS 2.8.1 is finally available. See the QGIS 2.8 Changelog for details.

Along with this is an update to GDAL 1.11.2.

2015/03/08 12:59


The GDAL-ECW plugin has been updated for the latest ECW SDK, and the installation clarified. If you are updating your plugin, make sure to install the latest ECW SDK as well.

2015/02/08 18:34

SQLite 3.8.7 & More

Major update to the SQLite/Spatialite and GDAL frameworks. This is mainly of developer interest, but it does create an incompatibility, so everything else that needs it has also been rebuilt: QGIS and GRASS.

What follows are the gorey details, end users can skip it and just download.

The problem is symbol leakage when linking in static libraries. I recently discovered that when a static library is linked into a shared library (dylib or framework), not only does it only link needed symbols (I knew that), but it also reexports those symbols in the shared library. What was happening with SQLite is that I used a static libxml2 (for consistency in having a recent libxml2), and of course not all symbols were used. GDAL also needs libxml2 and when linked with the SQLite framework picked up what libxml2 symbols were available from SQLite, and the rest from the system libxml2. But they are not the same version of libxml2. Potential source of crashing. I also have static copies of other libraries in the SQLite and GDAL frameworks, some of them are common enough that they could be available in other forms and versions when linking those frameworks.

As an aside, this discovery started when I was looking at the ICU support in SQLite. The ICU library in the system is not meant to be used by developers, but I downloaded the source to get the headers so I could use it without having to compile my own. Apple doesn't like this for apps published on the App Store. So now I have a version of the SQLite framework for developers without ICU (no language support in FITS searching). For now it overwrites the normal SQLite framework. I may link in a static ICU in the future if it's not too much effort.

2014/12/07 19:14

QGIS 2.6.1

QGIS 2.6.1. Bug fixes.

2014/11/30 11:03

QGIS 2.6

2014/11/02 15:24


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