macOS Catalina Support

There may be problems installing or using my packages on macOS Catalina.

I don’t have a new enough Mac to install Catalina on.  But this is what I’ve read about so far:

Installers must now also be notarized, in addition to the signing.  While signing is something the developer does, notarizing is done by Apple.  Both require a paid developer account, which I do not and probably will never do.

Running/allowing installations is pretty much the same, the notarization check can also be bypassed by using “Open” from right-clicking an installer package.

There are huge changes to the file system, though they are transparent to the user.  Mainly, the system is now locked off in a read-only part of the file system.  I think most of my installers are OK with this.  Postgres, PostGIS and pgRouting may have problems, as they are installed in a part of the system that may not be accessible.

There are also new access provisions – there may be a lot of alerts popping up asking to allow access to parts of the file system.