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The final segment of our trip.

As we head for Tokyo, we finally get a (distant) view of Fuji-san.

The statue of Hachiko, a popular meeting place at Shibuya station.

We found that Popeye donated some sake to the Meji shrine.

These signs are ON many sidewalks in Tokyo. In busy areas there are also companion designated smoking spots along sidewalks.

The Ghibli Museum (Japanese) is for everything Ghibli. That is, the Master of Anime Miyazaki Hayao, and a few others.

Bicycles everywhere. An annotated guide to a standard Japanese bicycle:

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Kyoto, city of castles, temples & shrines and old Japan.

At one temple you can have a drink of the purifying waters.

There is a huge shopping arcade, where I found a replacement charger for my camera, which I left in Fuji.

We hopped down to Himeji for a large castle. Looks like the Daleks made it to Japan long ago ^_^

There are a few Zen Buddhism temples in the area.

Where the two river meet is a great place to rest tired feet.

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Onward to Fuji-san. Wet.

We caught a glimpse of Fuji-san the afternoon we arrived.

Gate to the shrine for Fuji-san. This is the traditional starting-point for the pilgrimage hike up the mountain. Nowadays, most people start at the “5th Station”, halfway up. There are two other gates, one of which is in the middle on nearby Fuji-Yoshida!

The hotel was a bit isolated, across the lake from Kawaguchiko/Fuji-Yoshida. One bus runs every couple hours, so it wasn’t easy to casually explore out in the rain. There were a few interesting architectural oddities.

The first day was the best view we had of Fuji-san, and we took a last forlorn look as we got on the bus.

We’ll leave you today with this freaky Richard Gere look-a-like, ex-prime minister of Japan.

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Blog time! Some pics from our first few days in Japan.

First day, in Narita was beautiful, we found a nice temple park:

Headed for the mountains – Hakone, hot springs. Mostly rainy, but it let up some for our jaunt around the region:

A roadside shrine behind a hedge:

Into the clouds by cable car: