QGIS & Other Software Changes

Well, my QGIS build is now an official alternate build, and the download hosting returns to my site.  It seems many people think an all-in-one drag-n-drop installation is THE correct method of Mac app installation.  I’ll keep doing my build my way as long as I have the energy and interest (hopefully for a long time).

There may be some changes.

  • I’ll keep the separate components installation (ie outside the QGIS app) – I especially use GDAL extensively in the Terminal and Automator and with python.
  • I don’t know yet if I’ll keep everything on one disk image, but at least I’ll probably separate GDAL back into its own installer, that’s easier to maintain.
  • I’m thinking about externalizing GRASS for Processing.  Probably using the official GRASS app.  Direct GRASS data access would still use an internal GRASS, but it will only be enough for data access, maybe combined with the GDAL GRASS plugin.  Maybe this will help it actually work.  Though, the GRASS app is also all-in-one, adding to the duplication bloat.  GRASS is a very low priority for me.

I need to work on some major updates – GDAL 3, PROJ 6, Postgres/PostGIS.