Mac OS X build instructions major update

I finally got a chance to clean up the build instructions and verify Tiger compatibility. Only a few version changes, and couple additions (HDF and NetCDF for GDAL!). One big change is the addition of patch files, to replace hacking files with a text editor and reduce the chance of errors.

I decided to not have everything build exactly as my installers are generated, so you can mess around with both. There are some general notes on the Downloads page if you want to try to mix installer binaries with build instructions, ie if you want to use all the available installers as a base for GRASS (I may add that to the instructions in more detail).

I’m looking into getting the GRASS side of the instructions on the GRASS site, so it’s more visible. I haven’t decided if I want to maintain 2 slightly different sets (ie change my copy to use my binaries), or 2 the same, or just on the GRASS site (not likely). We’ll see how it goes.