Installer updates, part 3 – Finally!

Hooray! Feeling better, but the sore throat-turned-cold still lingers, and now the fall allergy season approaches.

Finally, PHP is now available as both an Apache module and CGI. A crude utility to switch between each is included. MapServer has been updated to 4.6.1. And includes PHP-MapScript for each of the varieties of PHP.

I decided to go with a single installer each for Panther and Tiger for PHP, rather than a mess of individual installers for each variety of PHP. This has doubled the download file size, sorry.

Phwew. Hopefully no MAJOR changes for a while. I have some version updates and feature additions piling up for a few things.

I’m considering a GRASS installer, but I’ve run into a snag in the Panther version. I may start with a just a Tiger GRASS installer. This GRASS would be a barebones GRASS like you would get from my build instructions, no or minimal Mac OS X additions like in Lorenzo’s GRASS distribution.