But wait, there’s more…

A couple rapid-fire updates.

GIS Libs. Universal binaries for GIS Libs. HDF5 updated to 1.6.5 (but not universal). GIS Libs optimized, that is, debugging removed. Broken ECW removed until fixed by authors. Added OCI (Oracle) support. Added documentation.

Postgres + PostGIS. Universal binaries. PostGIS updated to 1.0.6. PL/Python added to Postgres (PPC only).

Other – Added an installer for the OCI (Oracle) libraries. But you still must download the Oracle Instant Client from Oracle separately.

So, I realize that the universal binaries have increased the download size a lot. Sorry ’bout that. I’m not creating separate PPC/Intel installers – maintaining separate Panther/Tiger installers is enough headache.

I’ll probably take a break working on the universal binaries for PHP and MapServer. Need a breather. Updates sill still be released as needed.