Limping along on the PB – some app updates

It’s sure easy to get spoiled. PowerBook – 1/5 the processing power = 5X build times. And I keep trying to scroll with the trackpad ^_^

A few updates today: GRASS 6.2b2 and the latest GRASS 6.3 CVS, and MapServer 4.10b2 (I was in the middle of the MS build when the RSS kicked in on the MacBook). Hopefully suddenly switching back to PPC won’t mess up the builds.

There is a new addition to the GRASS builds – a template for building addon modules without needing the full GRASS source. Similar to the GEM system, but it doesn’t need a lot of extra setup for the module source, and it lets you install the module where you want (and not in the app package, which is a Bad Thing for OS X apps). With this I enabled an Application Support folder in both the global Library and the user Library for installing addon modules. And the build source has also been updated to reflect this.

It’s kinda rough right now, and doesn’t support adding the modules to the GUI menus or a module registry (which require editing files in the app package, another Bad Thing). Changes in the GUI code are needed to handle an external menu config. Help files are not integrated in the main GRASS help pages.