More updates

I messed up the Postgres update, it wasn’t 8.1.5, but 8.1.4, tho PostGIS 1.1.5 was there. Postgres 8.1.5 for real this time, plus I added readline support back in.

There is an incompatibility with my GDAL framework and the ‘gdal’ framework supplied with OSSIM. Tho the case is different, OSSIM’s installer will overwrite my GDAL framework, and break GRASS, MapServer and QGIS. It’s possible OSSIM will use my GDAL in the future, or that the two will be interchangable (I’m working on tidying up GDAL), and I’m looking into having my own OSSIM package that uses my GDAL and other frameworks.

Finally, an update to SQLite3 – the program wasn’t linked correctly to the framework.