A Bunch of Updates

Tired brain, so here’s the short version:

SQLite3 framework 3.3.9

UnixImageIO framework 1.0.8 – New JasPer 1.900.0.

Postgres 8.2.0 + PostGIS 1.2.0 – I wrestled with making Xcode projects for these, but without complete success, so I figured I should get an update out before it got too old. Postgres is such an oddball build (it actually uses ld for linking in many places), that after figuring out how to get around one problem, another always came up. Arrgh! So, back to my split configure build and merge (for universal binaries). Note that this is a major upgrade to Postgres and PostGIS, see the upgrade readme for instructions.

GRASS.app 6.3 CVS 07-1-3 – fixes the GUI startup blocking CLI use, and a couple other script runtime issues.