Big Batch of Updates

PostgreSQL updated to 8.2.5. I also added the “fuzzymatch” extra (I started playing around with the TIGER geocoder extra in PostGIS).

New pgRouting extension for Postgres (I had this ready and uploaded, but for some reason forgot to add the link). It replaces the old pgDijkstra extension.

UnixImageIO framework updated: new libtiff 4.0 alpha with BigTIFF support. This is a framework version change (A -> B), so old software won’t automatically support BigTIFF until it is rebuilt with the new framework. The previous version binary is included so old software isn’t broken. PNG lib also updated to 1.2.20.

Other framework updates: PDFlib now 7.0.2, Xerces now 2.8.0. Xerces is also a framework version change, and the previous version binary is included.