Mac OS X installer for MapServer.



  • MapServer 6.0.3-1 [4.2 MiB] for Lion and Snow Leopard. ❗ Untested in Mavericks, use at your own risk..

Mapserv CGI, FastCGI (Leo, Snow only), PHP-MapScript and Python MapScript are included. PHP-MapScript is for PHP CGI only. Of course, PHP-MapScript needs PHP, but the CGI mapserv will run without PHP. Python MapScript uses the system Python.

For help with MapServer, look at the documentation and mailing list on the MapServer website.

Included also are simple (and a bit old) drag-n-drop GUIs for the shptree, tile4ms and sortshp tools. The other tools you will have to use from a terminal.

Developers and Do-It-Yourselfers

Panther & Tiger

For an up-to-date MapServer that runs on Panther or Tiger, see the build instructions to compile from source, or use the build script above.