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Old Software

:!: These were early ports, and are here for historical purposes only. They now have GUI front-ends with more up-to-date versions available. Look for them on VersionTracker or MacUpdate.


0.4 – 2006/3/12

PAR2 command line utility for PAR version 2. Also works to verify and repair PAR version 2 files. See for all the gorey details about PAR2.

PAR2 is licensed under the GNU GPL

par2cmdline-0.4.macosx.dmg (527KB, PPC only) :!: old – see note at beginning of this page

MacPAR deLuxe is an excellent GUI to PAR2, and it automatically unRARs, joins, unzips…


1.0 – 2006/3/12

Command line IPS patcher. Create and apply IPS patches. If you don't know what an IPS patch is, you probably don't need this.

uips-macosx.dmg (87KB, PPC only) :!: old – see note at beginning of this page


4.20 – 2005/6/21

Yet another compression format. Pretty impressive compression, but doesn't retain Mac/UNIX permissions. This won't be updated for Universal PPC/Intel - there is a good 7z GUI available now that is Universal.

7zaMacOSX.dmg (796KB, PPC only) :!: old – see note at beginning of this page


3.5b5a2 – 2005/7/9

unRAR command line utility. NOTE: my 'a' versions have a renaming hack for old Mac rars with accented characters. If you install RarLab's rar, don't install the unrar from that package, use my unrar instead. See the included history.txt for details on unrar changes, here I will just list changes to the build and package.

- I've decided to not update unrar for Universal PPC/Intel. A universal build is available from Rarlab. And the old-Mac rar name problem is so obscure it's not worth it (I ran into it once in the early OS X days).

unRAR35b5a2-MacOSX.dmg (153KB, PPC only) :!: old – see note at beginning of this page

Check out for a current CLI rar for Mac OS X.


1.5.3 – 2003/3/5

If the command line is not your thing - here's a GUI front-end for unRAR X. Drag-and-Drop extraction. Built-in PAR recovery. Written by Peter Noriega, released under the Gnu Public License. See the About UnRarX menu for more info. Based on unRAR X 3.20a. NOTE: you don't need the CLI unrar above, it's built into UnRarX.

UnRarX153.sit (231KB, PPC only) :!: old – see note at beginning of this page

NOTE: see the project page at SourceForge for more info.

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