Installer discontinued.

Mac OS X installer for PHP.

NOTE: This will probably be my last PHP-CGI release. It appears MapServer’s PHP-MapScript works just fine with PHP-DSO (there were issues with high-volume MapScript use with PHP-DSO in the past). I will be building MapServer for the system PHP-DSO in the future.


(* these frameworks are also available in the GDAL Complete framework package)


  • PHP5 5.3.18-1 [8.8 MiB] (Snow Leopard & Lion, 64-bit only). ❗ Not tested in Mavericks, use at your own risk.

Only PHP as a CGI (FastCGI) is included. It uses the Apple-supplied Apache 2.2 and may not work in a custom built 2.x.

The installer will enable PHP in Apache for you.

See the readme for a complete list of included extensions.