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Current version: 1.2.0

:!: I haven't forgotten SumomOS! It's just in limbo while we [patiently!] wait for Unsanity to figure out how to get ShapeShifter working on Leopard. (Though I have used the instructions at MacThemes to mostly theme Leopard, but it's only for the brave so I haven't released anything based on that. Sorry)

About SumomOS

SumomOS is (will be, maybe) a total UI makeover for Mac OS X (sorry, I have no interest or tools for any other OS ^_^ ). It is inspired by Sumomo, the cutest laptop persocom on the planet, from the hit manga and anime "Chobits"1) by CLAMP.

The Files


SumomOS 1.2.0 (1 MB). Requires ShapeShifter from Unsanity. This theme is for OSX Tiger. Leopard theme is in progress.

Themed applications include: Address Book (limited), Font Book, iPhoto 6.0, iTunes 7.1, Mail 2.1 and Safari 2.0.

SumomOS ME-T637

This is for Sony Ericsson models T61x, T63x and Z600. I can do other Sony Ericsson models.

  • No Shadows - This one will work for any carrier.
  • Generic - This has shadows for the default desktop icons.
  • Cingular - This has shadows for Cingular desktop icons (at least in my region).

Sumomo 3-D

Just for fun. You need 3-D glasses to properly view this – of the red-cyan type (as used in Polar Express, I'm told).

1) "Chobits" ©2001-2003 CLAMP/Kodansha.
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