Current version: 1.2.0

❗ I haven’t forgotten SumomOS! It’s just in limbo while we [patiently!] wait for Unsanity to figure out how to get ShapeShifter working on Leopard. (Though I have used the instructions at MacThemes to mostly theme Leopard, but it’s only for the brave so I haven’t released anything based on that. Sorry)

About SumomOS

SumomOS is (will be, maybe) a total UI makeover for Mac OS X (sorry, I have no interest or tools for any other OS ^_^ ). It is inspired by Sumomo, the cutest laptop persocom on the planet, from the hit manga and anime “Chobits”((“Chobits” ©2001-2003 CLAMP/Kodansha.)) by CLAMP.

The Files

SumomOS 1.2.0 (1 MB). Requires ShapeShifter from Unsanity. This theme is for OSX Tiger. Leopard theme is in progress.

Themed applications include: Address Book (limited), Font Book, iPhoto 6.0, iTunes 7.1, Mail 2.1 and Safari 2.0.

SumomOS ME-T637

This is for Sony Ericsson models T61x, T63x and Z600. I can do other Sony Ericsson models.

  • No Shadows – This one will work for any carrier.
  • Generic – This has shadows for the default desktop icons.
  • Cingular – This has shadows for Cingular desktop icons (at least in my region).

Sumomo 3-D

Just for fun. You need 3-D glasses to properly view this — of the red-cyan type (as used in Polar Express, I’m told).