Installer updates

A bunch of updates today.

Graphics Libs: Added that JasPer speedup patch. JPEG2000 processing times cut in half! Also added the JasPer OpenGL viewer jiv, for Tiger only – there are some build issues with Panther’s OpenGL.

GIS Libs: Oops, the Tiger installer for v1.6 included the old files (I forgot to synchronize the install files), but the cleanup script still removed the last GDAL library, thus breaking GDAL. This has been fixed. The non-working ECW is also there. Bumped the version to 1.7 to add some E00 conversion tools. These are used by GRASS for

Postgres updated to 8.0.4 and PostGIS updated to 1.0.4. I saw the recent Postgres 8.1 release. I’ll be looking at that next, it doesn’t look like it’ll cause problems. Some nice speedups for large databases.

PHP updated to 4.4.1. I also fixed a problem installing php.ini for the CGI version.