Lean, Mean and Built for the Future

Big changes, starting with the Graphics Libs. Don’t worry, they’re still compatible with the other installers.

First up: I’ve removed debug options from all packages where it was the default. This results in smaller, and possibly slightly faster, binaries. In most cases this was a 50% reduction in size, though some were already without debug options.

Next: ImageMagick added to the Graphics Libs package. This made up for the decrease in size from de-debugging. For now it’s just the basics as supported by the other libraries in the package – there are some other graphic formats it can support that I need to look into.

For the future: The Tiger package is now universal – that is, it’s ready for the Intel Macs coming next year. Don’t worry, the ‘universal’ of course means it works on both the current PPC Macs and the upcoming Intel Macs. (I don’t have any way of testing until the Intel Macs are ready and I get one, but it should work…)

I’m working on the GIS Libs and Postgres now. Look for optimized universal binaries by the end of the year.