QGIS + GRASS update

Fun stuff! Tackling some integration issues and other glitches. New GRASS 6.3 CVS and QGIS 0.8 SVN builds.

GRASS is mostly just a rebuild. Library paths are internally correct for a normal installation in /Applications/GRASS.app. This is to make Qgis happy.

QGIS is where the big changes are. First, fixed a broken Postgres plugin. Next, a catch-22 and general integration problem with GRASS. As it was, Qgis could read GRASS data directly and open GRASS mapsets for editing. But running GRASS commands would only work when Qgis was run from within a running GRASS session. If Qgis has a valid GISBASE for the GRASS plugin (as was the case with the bundled GRASS libraries), there is no way to force it to use another GRASS, such as a full GRASS installation.

But, even if you could choose another GISBASE, it still wouldn’t work, since the GRASS commands couldn’t find the GRASS libraries. Then there’s a little restriction in Mac OS X on navigating into application packages, so you can’t choose the GRASS.app package as the GISBASE.

So, I changed the bundled GRASS library base so that it is not seen as a valid GISBASE. Without GRASS.app, Qgis can now only view GRASS data directly. It cannot open mapsets, let alone run GRASS commands. To enable full GRASS support, install the GRASS.app from this update in the Applications folder (and NOT a subfolder or other location).

You must use this QGIS SVN application and this GRASS CVS application for this to work. GRASS.app must be directly in the Applications folder. That’s the way it is until something is worked out in QGIS. There are instructions in the Qgis readme how to do this.