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Last change: 1999/1/10

❗ NOTE: I take no responsibility for the content of these titles. This is merely a compilation of humour from a newsgroup.

  • 2×2 EyeZ : Pai’s not a Sanjiyan… she’s a Saiyajin!
  • 3 x 3 EYES of Mars
  • AD Police Academy
  • Ah! Megami Paradise
  • Aah! Mihoshi-sama! : Morisato Keiichi dials a wrong number and gets the Galaxy Police.
  • All Purpose Cultural Catbus TOTORO : A new and cudduly series from the creator of Le’Puter and Nau(sic)aa.
  • Angel’s Egg In Deep Left Field : Angels in the Outfield
  • Ayanami’s High Kick
  • Ayashi no Cerebus
  • Batman and Ranma : Just watch the sidekick steal the show!
  • Boku no A-ko (or My Dear A-ko) : B-ko’s best mecha creation yet. A perfect 1:1 copy of A-ko designed to defeat the real A-ko. The copy’s hair color is different, of course.
  • Books of Magic Knights Rayearth
  • Boys Over Flowers : Macross Plus DNA Squared
  • Bubblegum Bay of Pigs Crisis
  • Bubblegunnm Crisis : Four hardbody suits wired to the brains of four daring young women fight ever-increasing crime waves committed by fleshy creatures known as “Boumers”; Constantly question their place in the universe while searching for a cybernetic Utopia.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Wars
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost in the Shell
  • Charlie’s Battle Angels
  • Charlie’s Lovely Angels : “Once upon a time, there were two little girls who blew up the police academy.” (Okay, it isn’t _quite_ an anime title. So what?)
  • Charlie’s New Angels
  • Crusher JoJo
  • Curse of the Undead Yuna
  • The Dirty Dozen Pair : Bikini-clad ex-cons roam the galaxy blowing stuff up.
  • Dragon 1/2 : Mink finally gets the People Potion! Too bad she got it from Jusenkyo…
  • Dragonball Pink
  • Dragonball Zeiram
  • Dragon Ball-Knight-Pink Z-W : Try not to think about it. I pictured it for a minute, and I’m still cringing. Gokou goes around fighting evil on a swat team (Warrior), while wearing the cursed panties of Torajima and taking pictures of randomly placed women he rescues???
    Um.. and then… AAAAUGH!!!
    *passes out from trauma*
  • DragonBawl : Every three years, underdogs from every existing anime series get together for the Tenka-Ichi Budocry, in which they all suffer horribly before screaming, bursting into tears, and executing their most devastating attacks in a fit of hysterical rage. Long-time champion has been Son Gohan, who’s been resting on the laurels of his outburst while facing Cell. But the up-and-coming kojin favorite is now Bubbles, of the PowerPuff Girls.
  • The Dukes of El-Hazard : Cousin Luke, Cousin Bo, Cousin Ifurita…
    Shouldn’t that be Cousin Makoto, Cousin Fujisawa, Cousin Ifurita and Sheriff Jinnai?
  • El Ahrairahzard
  • El Postino Rosso
  • Everyone Loves Ranma : Ranma’s happily married, but his meddling parents, father in-law and ex-fiances won’t leave him alone. And his blind, directionally-challenged and obtuse brothers hate the fact that he gets the most attention.
  • Forever Knight Rayearth
  • Fushugi from Yuggoth
  • Fushigi Kabuki
  • Fushigi no Yuugi no Nadia
  • Galaxy Fraulein in the Shell : Motoko Kusanagi, a fun-loving cyborg operative who occaisionally gives into some good old fashioned brooding agnst, is framed for crimes she didn’t commit. With her insanely cute sidekick Bateau and a confused law enforcement officer in tow, they go about the galaxy, getting into cookoffs and occasionally shooting people with guns that make their heads explode.
  • Galaxy X/1999
  • Gallver : Some Solnoid found bio-armors…
  • Geist Muyo! : Tenchi Geist, a genetically engineered soldier with a cheerful manner who can kill people in the goriest of ways, finds himself the object of affection between freelance gang leader Ryoko and Juranian military officer Aeyka. Meanwhile, Tenchi must try to stop the Juranian Death Force, a plauge of killer chibi-Washuu bots from overrunning the colony planet of Jerra. He can only do this by entering Washu-chan’s Brain Palace, in his Ryo-class battle armor. He ends up doing what M.D. Geist did in the original movie alot, namely acting like Mr. Tisic (I’m crushing your head!). Then a nice closing theme is sung over footage of unleashed Killer chibi-Washuus overunning Jerra, killing all that they can find.
  • Ghost in the Half-Shell : The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight the Puppetmaster, who may or may not actually be a villain (but they don’t care). Provides an interesting mix of pretentious jargon and dumb-ass surfer lingo.
  • Ghost in the Shellseekers : (Shellseekers is a “woman’s novel” by Rosamunde Pilcher)
  • Godai 13 : this might finally explain what Yotsuya actually does for a living, ne?
  • Green Legend Ranma
  • Gundam Wing of Honneamise
  • Gunsmith Catgirl Nuku-Nuku : (*twitch*) Unwitting bounty huntress constantly gets attacked by target. Much property damage usually results.
  • Huckleberry no Finn: Fist of the Mississippi
  • JoJo’s Excellent Adventure
  • Key the Full Metal Jacket
  • Key the Metal Fighter
  • Kimagure Blue Seed : Two girls, Madoka and Hikaru, are absolutely in love with a young man named Kyosuke. But what they don’t know is that Kyosuke is an evil demon who has wandered from town to town. Kyosuke must reconsile his feelings over which girl he prefers, and then brutally murder the other.
  • Kimagure Orange Marmalade Boy
  • Kimagure Orange Ranma : Our hero can’t choose between Madoka and Hikaru but doesn’t realise that Madoka changes into Hikaru [and vice versa] when she get’s wet…
  • Kimagure Orange/Blue/Green Years
  • Knight Saber Marionette J : Yes, Sylia’s a Boomer. So are Priss, Linna, and Nene. Lucky (?) Leon…
  • La Blue Seed
  • La Blue Video Girl Ai : [description deliberately not included]
  • La BO Girl : an anim/animeniacs crossover
  • Legend of Mother Arislan
  • Lovely Angeles in the Outfield!
  • Mamoru Hunter Yohko : Mano Yohko goes after Tsukino Usagi’s boyfriend.
  • Mokona-noke Hime
  • Mamono Hunter Kyoko : After becoming the manager of Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko Otonashii is chosen to be the 107th Devil Hunter after Godai becomes possessed by a demon while studying for exams.
  • Mamono Hunter Ryoko : She may be 108th in a long line of Devil Hunters, but all she wants to do is spend time with Tenchi!
  • Mara 1/2 : where a certain demon falls victim to the spring of drowned man and is arranged to marry one of three sisters (take your pick: the Tendos or the Norns?).
  • Megumi-chan in Wonderland : Keiichi Morisato’s little sister, Megumi, wakes up late for school one day. As she runs to class, she falls down a hole which transports her to Wonderland, populated by a “luscious selection of lusty young ladies”.
  • Metal Fighters Miyu : Young girl tries to win wrestling tournament so that she can fight against other girl who has been taken over by the shinma…
  • Mizuki-chan in Wonderland : Mizuki from Samurai Shodown 2 gets into Wonderland. I wouldn’t rent this.
  • Mononoke Boy
  • Nadesico: The Secret of Blue Water
  • Neon Genesis Escaflowne
  • New Mobile Love Chronicle: Gundam S (Saber Gundam W? Saber W? Gundam J?) : Three special warriors of love are dropped to Teratoo in “Operation Mesopotamia”. Their mission: locate and abduct Otaru Mamiya, to prevent the evil organization Oz buried within Geltland from using him to conquer the earth. (How he would help them exactly never really gets explained). Along the way they must face terrible and trying…trials, fending off attacks by the three Lady Saber Unes, and the mysterious masked man known as Zechsuru…
    Cherry: We….we’re no longer necessary for the future of Otaru!
    Bloodberry: Gee Ponta-kun, do you think he’ll make us stronger?
    Lime: I will….love you.
    Zechsuru: Otaru is mine! (OK, so he hasn’t really changed.)
  • Oh! Psychic Girl Mai Goddess
  • Oh! You Bastard!
  • Oni Genesis Yatsura : The fate of the world depends on a young high-school boy named “ataru”. He must pilot giant female oni robots against real, male, oni, but he just can’t stop groping his robot. Interesting subplots occur, such as the one where, for some unexplained reason, the female robots continually zap Ataru.
  • Patladoshi : Legend of the OverSchaft: Evil German mecha company possesses some loser kid with the evil Griffon power, turning him into a mecha version of your typical tentacle beast. Thankfully, those wacky folks at SV2 are on the case, allowing Ohta to finally run around town shooting at the forces of evil with as much firepower as his Ingram can hold, and mechotaku Noa to fufill all those sentai-hero-mecha-fighting-stupid-monsters daydreams of hers. Evil beast is thankfully destroyed before it can have it’s wicked way with anything. Unfortunately, Ohta causes more destruction to Tokyo than the Dirty Pair on a day off…
  • Paul McCartney and Wings Live at Honneamise
  • Project Ae-Ka : While Ae-ka and Ryo-Ko are fighting, a Jurain ship comes to get Sasami, their princess. She goes with them happily, everybody is happy, and no sequels are made.
  • Rainman 1/2 : someone falls into Spring of Drowned IdiotSavant
  • Ranma 9 1/2 Weeks : ewww!
  • Ranma Muyo! : “Just how many fiancees have I got anyway? Akane, Ryoko, Kodachi, Ayeka, Shampoo, Mihoshi, Ukyo, Washu, …”
  • Ranmacross : Fighter planes turn into robots [and vice versa] when they get wet.
  • Record of the Venus Wars
  • Riding Mr. Bean
  • Rurouni KenShinTenchi Muyo!
  • Saber Marionette Brothers
  • Sailor Moon Z: The scouts get to make a speech for 3 shows, then fight, start to lose, Usagi goes super-sayajin, making her hair stand up 6-7 feet. The bad guys fall down laughing.
  • Sailor Ninja Team Gatchaman : five teens turn into girls in sailor suits and.. oh right, Donna’s doing this one…
  • (Sailor) Senshi Muyo : Tenchi is surrounded by many powerful girls … in sailor suits.
  • Saint Slayers : Linna and Gourry become Saints of Athena, and in the process drive Seiya and the Bronze Boys nuts!!
  • Science Ninja Team Doreamon : I think the Gatchaman ML is going to want my head for this one…
  • Strangers in Megami Paradise
  • Super Dimensional Fortress Maps : Huge ships shaped like idol singers roam the galaxy using songs as weapons.
  • Tekkaman Bladerunner
  • Ten-chan Muyo! : [etchi] Spin off from Urusei Yatsura in which Jariten flings himself at a wide variety of attractive young women…
  • Tenchi Miyu
  • Tenku no Evangelion
  • Those Who Hunt Evangelions
  • Three Ninjas Scroll
  • Tokyo Babylon 5
  • Touched by a Lovely Angel : A documentary of various “accidents” throughout the galaxy.
  • Urusei Yotsuya : (Isn’t this a little redundant?) Ataru moves in with a bunch of party animals.
  • Urotsuki Yatsura : …and Ataru thought Lum was trouble…
  • Urusei Yamato
  • Ushio & Totoro
  • Vampire Princess D
  • Vampire Princess Mihoshi! : And you thought Kiyone had her hands full before? Imagine a legion of victims directly under the mental control of Mihoshi!
    “Mihoshi! How are we supposed to arrest criminals when your cadre of demonic bloodsuckers keeps stumbling all over the place!”
    “I’m sorry Kiyone..I was just hungry…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”
    With the way that girl eats, the realm of the undead is gonna be mighty crowded..
  • Vampire Princess Miya! : where Ryo-ohki is up to things you would NEVER think…
  • Vampire Princess Miyu in Wonderland : The nether side of Wonderland never looked so… fluffy. πŸ™‚
    [Enter Ranka, with cat ears and a tail]
    “Onamae wa?”
    “Miyu desu.”
    “Kawaii onamae nee. Shita ni nani kashira…” (lift’s skirt)
    “Iyaaaa!!!!” followed by a massive fireball discharge.
  • Vampire Princess Muyo! : which is probably the same thing.
  • Yuna under arrest : A galaxy fraulein turns bad