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❗ NOTE: I take no responsibility for the content of these titles. This is merely a compilation of humour from a newsgroup.

Ah! My Goddess

  • Ach! My Goddess : Belldandy shows up in Scotland. Voice cameos by James Doohan and that guy who does Groundskeeper Willy on the Simpsons.
  • Achtung! Mein Goddess! : Where Werner Klemperer does his “Hoooooo-gan!” voice routine. Throw in the guy who did Schultz and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Yes, I know he’s Austrian) and you have a good start…
  • Ah! Megumi-sama : We all know who the main character _really_ is. Use your imagination.
  • AH! My bodice! : Keichi is turned into a young happosai and begins stealing women’s undergarments.
  • Ah, My Elvis! : Keiichi accidentally dials Graceland
  • Eh, My Goddess! : The three Goddesses come to a Canadian enginnering student
  • Ah! My Guiness : My beer! (Ok, can’t spell German beers)
  • Ha! Ma godace : Keichi recoit une paire de chaussure
  • Megumi Paradise : [That would be Morisato Megumi, not Megumi Hayashibara].
  • My Goddess, eh! : the new Canadian dub, hoser…
  • Oh, my god!! : ’nuff said.
  • Ohm My Goddess : An electrifying love story!
  • Oooh, my Goddess : Produced by Playboy Magazine starring Jenny McCarthy as Belldandy…
    or, Filmed by Penthouse, starring Malcom McDowell, Peter O’Toole and entire Penthouse Pet fleet…oops, wrong casting.
  • OW!!! My Goddess. : Dr. Geist gives Skuld rabies shots after she gets bitten by a rabbit bug.


  • Ack! Ira! : Not much different from Akira
  • Aria : An opera singer tries to stop a monster that can’t be killed

All-Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku

  • All Purpose Flour Cat-Girl Nuku-nuku : the adventures of a felinohumanoid android in a bakery
  • Nuke-Nuke : a cat-brain is implanted into an ICBM.


  • Blistered!! : Dark Schneider’s been out in the sun too long.
  • Mustard!! : Dark Schneider takes up hot dog vending.

Battle Angel (Gunnm)

  • Battle Angle : Ido solves trig problems for bounty.
  • Battle Angle : The combatants were set square as the sun obliquely glinted off the floating city. “I will beat you by degrees…” he snarled.
  • Battle Angel Melitta : Ido discovers a coffee pot on a scrap heap…
  • Bottle Angel : Gally gives up her life of being a hunter-warrior and starts working as a genie.
  • Gumnm : A cyborg girl named Gally grows up in an abandoned Wrigley’s factory…

Blue Seed

  • Blue Speed : This is _really_ gonna get you high #_#
  • Blues Feed : It’s the story of a INN server throttling…
  • Glue Seed : Momiji’s gotten herself into a real mess.

Bubblegum Crisis/Crash

  • BOOblegum Crisis : “Knight Sabers… cluck, cluck…”
  • Bubblegum Clash : Arriving at her aerobics class, Linna is horrified to discover that she has inadvertently packed some lavender tights with that new lime green leotard.
  • BubbleGummBusterDam : A cyborg bounty hunter dons the hardsuit that allows Her to pilot the gigantic Mecha that focuses Her newtype powers
  • Bubblecum Crisis : Hey, this is an adult anime, right?
  • Bubblegum Critics : 4 women in body armor review the latest anime releases.
  • Bubble Gum Crisis : An anime where an evil baddie comes up with an even more evil invention that converts anything to a sticky sweet candy. The protagonists become helplessly suck and finnaly resort to using hardsuits coated in magically secreating penut butter.
  • And the sequel, Bubble Gum Crash : Where the residents look on amazed as two giant gooey balls hit each other… wait a minute! DAMN! Double entendre!!!

Devil Hunter Yohko

  • Devil Hunter Yoko : Heroine fights devils by breaking up their bands
  • Devil Hunter Yoko Ono : the closing music has to be John Lennon’s “Imagine”, naturally…
  • Devil Punter Yohko : Yohko joins a rowing team.
  • Devil Punter Yohko : Yohko joins the Dallas Cowboys

Dirty Pair

  • Dirty Pear : “It’s not our fault we dropped it into the mud!”
  • The Dirty Pear : Produce section in a crumbling grocery store.
  • Jerky Pair : Yuri and Kei gets into phonesex industry and finally release their own albums.

Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT

  • Dragonballs : Even more lewd humor than “Dr. Slump.”
  • Dragon Ballz : Ack! Don’t touch!
  • Dragonmall Z : its a race against the clock.. and the credit card company..

El Hazard

  • El-Hazzard : The Dukes of Hazzard are transported to a magical world
  • Elle Hazard : The most entertaining French lesson so far!
  • Bell Hazard : Now Disney finally stretches their hand to anime industry…(sequel to B&B)
  • Bell Hazard : Packard Bell finally goes bankrupt.
  • Dell Hazard : Ugh, so does Dell.
  • Hell Hazard : well, Shayla might feel at home…
  • Smell Hazard : Flatulence seems to be a problem amoung Roshtaria’s inhabitants.

E.Y.E.S. of Mars

  • N.O.S.E. of Mars : The sequel to E.Y.E.S. of Mars.
  • E.A.R.S. of Mars
  • M.O.U.T.H. of Mars : eyes and ears and mouth and nose….head shoulders knees and toes of mars!\
    The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…

Fatal Fury

  • Fatal Furry : Terry Bogard and his adventures in He is killed accidentally by a feather duster, weld by a capybara in a kimono.
  • Fatal furry : You know, these characters ought to see a barber.
  • Fatal Phooey :

Fist of the Northstar

  • Faith of the North Star : Born again Kenshiro.
  • Fester the North Star : The Addams Family takes up martial arts.
  • Fish of the North Star : Boing boing boing. I’m normal…
  • Fist of the Kenneth Starr/Hokuto no Ken Starr : about a Special Prosecutor who makes peoples heads explode after reading those documents.
  • Fist of the Lone Star : In the poisonous wastelands of a post-apocalyptic world, Ranger Walker fights for truth and justice. (This is for those of you in North America with access to CBS.)
  • Fist of the North Steer : Ken has a beef…
  • Fister of the North Star : Leathermen wander a post-apocalyptic world — and they’re not looking for gasoline…
  • Fits of the North Star : After all the ki attacks most characters who survive get siezures.
  • Fits of the North Star : Kenshiro discovers that He has a bad reaction to strobe lights.
  • The Liberal Fist: From Seishun Shitemasu with Michael Dukakis

Fushigi Yuugi

  • Fushigi Boogy : Miaka gets down and funky.
  • Fushigi Yugo : School girl gets sucked into a magical world and falls in love with a car salesman.
  • Fushigi Yuuki: A member of the Magnificent Ten is transported into a Chinese story– and accidentally encounters Taisou! Yokoyama made a boo-boo THIS time!


  • Gotchaman : Shaft meets gangster aliens from outer space in blaxploitation flick? ^_^
  • Gotchaman : You thought that Eagle Rider was for real? Haha! Fooled ya!

Giant Robo

  • Giant Bobo : The story of a young boy and his giant clown.
  • Giant Robot : that’s the spelling that Mangle gave GR in Italy. Doesn’t that ruin its individuality? OK, so that’s not humor….

Golgo 13

  • Godot 13 – the professional : the story about a group of actors trying to set up a new version of Waiting for Godot.
  • Gorgo 13 : Prehistoric monster becomes world-class assassin.


  • Bustgunner : A story about..Oh never mind…
  • Gumbuster : When this teacher says no chewing in her class, SHE MEANS IT!
  • GunDuster : Noriko & Kazumi must team up again to deal with the next threat to Earth’s existance – cosmic dust!
  • BustGunner : A story about..What do you mean it’s already been done?
  • GunBusterBunny: no relation to GunBabsBunny of course.

Gunsmith Cats

  • Gunsmith Cabs : Cab drivers Rally Vincent and Minnie May drive around New York bounty hunting.
  • Gunsmith Kit-Kats: Rally and Minny Mae own a candy store.


  • Bio-Booster Armor Gayver : A gay couple FIGHT for thier right.
  • Bio-Booster Armor McGuyver : Man builds battle suit using only scrap metal, orindary household bleach, and toothpicks.
  • McGuyver : Bio-armor made from duct-tape and aluminum foil..

Kiki’s Delivery Service

  • Kiki’s Deliverance Service : C’mon, meow boy, meow. (This would be VERY strange to watch.)
  • Kinko’s Delivery Service
  • Kinky’s Delivery Service

Laputa, Castle in the Sky

  • Laputa: Outhouse In The Sky : Ancient floating city unleashes a rain of terror.
  • Rap-puta: Imagine Pazu with dreadlocks.

Legend of Galactic Heroes

  • Lead STand of the Galactic heroes : Yuan-li buys a lead hat stand from this bloke he met down the `orse`n`ounds. “no mate it aint knockoff honest guv”
  • Legend of Our Islam : Not a cool story.
  • Legend of the Galactic zeros : After the series falls from favour reinheart hits the bottle and ends up on the social. (thats on Welfare for our American bretheren, if they still have it! ^_^)
  • Legend of the Guacamole-dip nachos : The only western in the series set in mexico contains the classic lines “this town aint big enough for the both of us!” “Yhear thats only cos you brought a fleet of 342534653787 ships with you!”
  • Legend of the phallic heros : the only one to be made in sweeden with 70`s Wah Wah music and the quote “hey this is an office lunch break with a difference”
  • Legend of the pragmatic heros : the heros decide its all going to end with another sequel so why bother!
  • Legend of the tictac heros: the series is reborn after being used to sell sweets*censored*breath fresheners (only two calories remember)this was followed by an epic series of sequels
  • Retro trends of the galactic Disco-divas : Inspired by Jhon Travolta the heros strut that funky stuff! Groovin baby!
  • Wedgewood of the galactic heros : reinheart and co collect fine china plates then smash them to bolero.

Macross/Macross Plus

  • Grape Juice Plus : Anyone seen Escape from Planet of the Apes?
  • Macaroni Plus : Beware the might of the transformable noddle valykrie.
  • Macros : Do you remember Microsoft?…
  • Macros++ : Obviously a new object oriented scripting language
  • Macross Puss : Isamu gets a nasty infection
  • Prune Juice Plus : for a real need to escape?

Maison Ikkoku

  • Maison Ik*censored*u : “I’m in love with…” “bok,bok,bok…”
  • Maize On Ikkoku : Another one of those “corn”y romantic comedies.
  • Masonic Ikkoku : Widow takes over management of the lodge
  • Mission: Ikkoku
  • Mistatonic Ikkoku : No-one leaves that boarding house quite sane…

Mermaid’s Scar

  • Mermaid’s Car : Takahashi collaborates with Sonoda in a Mana & Yuta travel to Chicago story
  • Mermaids Spar : The best of underwater martial arts!

Metal Fighter Miku

  • Metal Farter Miyu : a battle-armor wrestler with a severe flatulence problem.
  • Metal Fighter Miyu : VP Miyu in battle armor pro-wrestling. (Chasing shinma gets boring after awhile).
  • Metal Fighters Milk: A new product endorsement campaign

Mobile Suit Gundam

  • 08TH PMS Gundam Team
  • Gun ‘Em : A new John Woo film featuring a cyborg girl!
  • Gun Damn : How to “accent” you expletives with gunshots.
  • Gundam 007 : Rey. Amuro Rey. No liscense to fly, but I do anyways.
  • SM Gundam

My Neighbor Totoro/Tonari no Totoro

  • My Love Slave Totoro
  • My Neighbor Toronto : Two young girls discover they just moved next to a large city in Ontario Canada
  • My Neighbor Tonto
  • My Neighbor Toro : A magical bull that only children can see.
  • Mr. Totoro’s Neighborhood : Only little children can watch this one. Come on everyone, let’s take the neko-bus to make-believe land.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

  • Nausea of the Valley of Wind : Also known as Warriors of the Wind.
  • Nauseaa : Hang-gliding tends to make her airsick
  • Nausicaa does the Valley of Wind

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Neon Book of Genesis
  • Neon Dealership Evangelion : How spiritual can you get selling cars after the Second Impact?
  • Neon Genessee Evangelion : Misato could have all the beer she wants…
  • Neon Genesis Eveninglionsclub : (which is how I mis-read a sign once…eheh…YKYWTMAW…)
  • Neon Genesis Evangelism : Teenage boy gets his own religious cable channel
  • Neon Genesis Evangelist : Shinji is one of three special kids with the power to draw money from the massess. His dad the mastermind…
  • Neon Genesis EvanGeliRaubal
  • Neo Geo EV1 : We discover that the EV1 is really a very early prototype of the Evas. Explains why you have to plug the Evas in to make them work.

Ninja Scroll

  • Ninja Score : How to “get it on”….the ninja way!
  • Ninja Squirrel : Rocky takes up martial arts. “Hey Bullwinkle! Watch me pull a shiruken out of my hat!”
  • Ninja Squirrel : Ugh, and you thought the ninja turtles were bad πŸ™‚

Plastic Little

  • Elastic Little : the story about the son of Plasticman…
  • Plastic Beetle : A new toy?
  • Plastic Liffey : The river Liffey (in Dublin) is full of strange chemicals.

Project A-Ko

  • Project Acorn : The struggle of squirrels to gather food for the winter.
  • Project A-Cup : about a flat-chested girl with super powers.
    Oh, so that’s why everyone’s fighting over C-ko…
  • Project a KO : Mike Tyson finally found out about this one…
  • Project Eggo : All I can say is that it has something to do with waffles…
  • Project T-Ko : “Yo- fool! I’ll bust yo’ spaceship right in the mouth!” ^_^
  • Project T-Ko : An anime about a superhuman boxer.

Ranma 1/2

  • General Chiropractic Clenic : Handsome doctor Tofu Ono deals with the daily tribulations of his eccentric patients.
  • Granma 1/2 : She got run over by a reindeer.
    Or: Rumiko Takahashi’s characters, 70 years later. It’s not too much different from now, except that characters resembling Happosai and Cologne represent the youngest and the cutest.
  • Llama 1/2 : Adventures of a four-legged Peruvian martial artist
  • Rainman 1/2 : Boy turns into autistic 50-yearold when wet. Definitely.
  • Ramen 1/2 : Less calories, less filling
  • Ranma’ (Ranma Prime) : in which Ranma is, well, just Ranma, and nothing much happens. *g*)
  • Ranma 1/2: Suddenly Seasick
  • Ranma 3/2 : I don’t want to know…
  • Ryoga 1/2 : The REALLY entertaining series!
    Hm… that actually sounds like that one fanfic “The More Things Change”. At least, that’s what I believe the title to be. The author’s name at the moment escpapes me though.
  • Trama 1/2 : sequel to ER but changes all the character’s names so as not to get sued.
  • Troma 1/2 : The Toxic Avenger’s sister? not quite…

Record of Lodoss War

  • Mount of Venus Wars : heh, you thought Domination Tank Police was ecchi!
  • Record of DOS Wars : Mac and Win95 gang up against you-know-what.
  • Record of SCO-DOS War : only compu-takus would get this one…
  • Record of Venus Wars

RG Veda

  • Archie Veda : Jughead and co. in a new adventure
  • RG Verdict : A jury is trying to reach a verdict.

Riding Bean

  • Hiding Bean : Bean is trying to runaway from people that are looking for him.
  • Riding Lean: Rally makes an excercise video.

Sailor Moon

  • Bushido Sensei Sailor Moon : Usagi graduates and starts teaching philosophy.
  • Sailor MOO : sponsored by the american dairy association
  • Sailor Moon Pies : Deserts fight crime
  • Sailor Mon : He eat natty spinach, mon.
  • Sailor Doom : Chilling tales of sunken ships and sea monsters.
  • Sailor Moo : Usagi and her Gateway!
  • Sailor Moon : and you thought THOSE skirts were short!
  • Sale or Moon? : S. Moon actually gets her wish after killing beryl and becomes a normal girl who obviously chooses the sale.
  • Saviour Moonies : which seems appropriate for a series where characters always seem to be having their identities altered – call it conversion, amnesia, or brainwashing as you see fit.
  • Silly Moon : Well, that’s the same as the original…
  • Tailor Moon : The Senshi’s new outfits are all the rage in Paris.
  • Tailor Moon : Serena goes into the fashion business
  • Wailor Moon : Well, there’s not much of a difference, is there? πŸ™‚

Slam Dunk

  • Slam Dork (rated X)
  • Slam Punk

Speed Racer

  • Sled Racer : Competing on the fierce Iditarod
  • Speed Pacer : The Mach V is replaced by an AMC Pacer

Taiho Shichau Zo!/You’re Under Arrest!

  • You’re Under A Vest : Unless NIFOC of course…
  • You’re under harvest : A back-country version

Tekkaman Blade/Teknoman

  • Tekkamaki Blade : Using sushi for a weapon…
  • Tekkamoon Blade : (Guess) Tekka sector, makeup!

Tenchi Muyo!

  • Benji Muyo : The Maasaki wonder dog and his amazing adventures.
  • Bench Muyo : Tenchi Masaki is a homeless boy in Central Park. He sleeps on a bench….
  • Fengshui Muyo : An anime lecture on ergonomic architechture… (Ryoko knows all about comfort and lounging)
  • Stench Muyo : Somebody round here’s got some righteous BO!
  • Stenchi B.O. : the young warrior with an aversion to deodorant.
  • Stenchy Mayo! : “Washuu, please get rid of that year-old Miracle Whip!”)
  • Tenchi Mayo : A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich…
  • Tenchi Muyou (“No Need For Tenchi”) : No one actually needs Tenchi, in fact, everybody hates him and wants him gone. How’s that for a story?
  • Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohga : Boy, is HE lost…
  • Tenchi Yo-Yo : The Kiyone Side Story. Kiyone teaches Tenchi how to use the GP Yo-Yo for an intergalactic yo-yo competition.
  • Trenchi Muyo : Ryoko & Co. wind up in World War I
  • Wench Muyo : Now Yosho becomes a pimp….

3×3 Eyes

  • 2×4 Eyes : The story of Pai, a girl who has a wooden board coming out of the middle of her forehead.
  • 2×4 Eyes : you don’t want this Pai in your face”.
  • 3×3 Lies : A story about a compulsive liar and her soulmate.
  • 3×8 Eyes : Those “pyramid” guys from Evangelion, maybe??? ^_^;;
  • 6×9 Eyes : Now you can have your Pai and eat it too!
  • 4×4 Eyes : Aa sanjiyan in an off roader.
  • 8×4 Eyes : The cologne Pai uses!
  • Pai in the Sky : A Sanijiyan in a glider

Urusei Yatsura

  • BOOrusei Yatsura : That alien looks like a giant chicken…
  • Those Obnoxious ALIENS : Ataru meets Ripley…
  • Urusei Yakuza: Fun in the electric chair
  • Urusei Yatsura OVA: Inaba the Dressmaker

Vampire Hunter D

  • Vampire Hunter Doh! : Homer quits the nuclear power plant to hunt vampiers.
  • Vampire Hunter Tea : Kasume?!? o_O a vampire hunter?
  • Vampire Maitre D : a vampire hunter battles mutants, werewolves and vampires disguised as a waiter (and keeps his tables happy, too)
  • Vampire Punter D : A vampire starts playing American football (ok, I don’t know squat about American football.)

Vampire Princess Miyu

  • Umpire Princess Miyu : A new addition to the Tokyo World Series.
  • Vampire Princess P.U. : don’t ask, it stunk. (groan thwap)

Vision of Escaflowne

  • The Vision Of Pizza Dough : Hitomi goes to work in a pizza parlor
  • Visions of Escargo : School girl gets sucked into a magical world and is caught in a war where people fight each other using giant mechanical snails.

Wings of Honnemaise

  • Hot Wings with Mayonnaise : … Hey Carl Horn, you done anything with this yet? ^_-
  • Wings of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise : Product placement in anime reaches new lows.
  • Wings of Honey Mayonnaise
  • Wings of Horny Llamas? : (boo, hiss…) Sorry, that was really bad πŸ™‚ Heh… I have this image of Shiro trying to beg some money out of Opus… “Prayer pimples for hairy fishnuts!”
  • Wings of Mayonnaise : The Royal Space Force’s budget was cut. Badly.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

  • You, You, Hakusho! : Making up your own insults!
  • You, You, Hakusho : Who, me, me?