End of the Cats? (Mt Lion EOL?)

Well, I was forced to upgrade to Yosemite this week. I held out on Mt Lion as long as I could. Even shortly before the release of El Capitan there were signs of the impending demise of Mt Lion at work: certificate problems on some sites, installing Mt Lion from scratch (couldn’t) to try to fix a slow Mac, one critical package we use “deprecated” Mt Lion support in their current version.

I suspect Apple will stop providing security updates for Mt Lion, we’ll see in their next update. I haven’t decided yet if I will support Mt Lion if Apple does not continue security updates, it’s a nice solid system but the certificate issue makes it impractical for general use.

I was going to start looking at GDAL 2.0 this weekend, but I need to check that my development environment is working properly first. Shouldn’t be too hard.

All-Around Framework & Python Update

Almost all of the frameworks have been updated.

  • GDAL 1.11.3
  • PROJ 4.9.2
  • SQLite with Spatialite 4.3
  • UnixImageIO 1.5.1 — includes updated libtiff 4.0.6, libpng 1.5.23, libgeotiff 1.4.1, openjpeg 2.1

Many python modules have been updated:

  • Numpy 1.9.2
  • Scipy 0.16.0
  • Matplotlib 1.4.3

NOTE: Numpy and Scipy are now 64bit-only. Do not update these if you use them in GRASS, because GRASS currently runs python in 32bit mode.

Catching up, part 1

PROJ 4.9.1 is the main update in the frameworks. I also updated to SQLite3 And finally I updated Shapely in the GEOS framework, and refreshed the GEOS build. (This takes care of the last Snow Leopard remnants, all maintained frameworks are now Lion minimum.)

GRASS Status

I haven’t used GRASS in years. QGIS is my tool now, and where I work.

So, I won’t be packaging GRASS any more, starting with GRASS 7. Check the GRASS website for other sources of Mac packages, Michael Barton will be doing the standard Mac packages.

I may package 6.4.5 when it is released.

I will still bundle GRASS in QGIS for use by QGIS.