Postgres + Yosemite Upgrade

One thing I found right away is the Yosemite upgrade killed my installed Postgres. I think Apple’s upgrade process did a search for certain postgres folders (for temporary files, no data files are deleted) and deleted them, probably assuming they were for their Postgres and that they would be reconstructed later in the upgrade process. I added some repair instructions on my Postgres page.

End of the Cats? (Mt Lion EOL?)

Well, I was forced to upgrade to Yosemite this week. I held out on Mt Lion as long as I could. Even shortly before the release of El Capitan there were signs of the impending demise of Mt Lion at work: certificate problems on some sites, installing Mt Lion from scratch (couldn’t) to try to fix a slow Mac, one critical package we use “deprecated” Mt Lion support in their current version.

I suspect Apple will stop providing security updates for Mt Lion, we’ll see in their next update. I haven’t decided yet if I will support Mt Lion if Apple does not continue security updates, it’s a nice solid system but the certificate issue makes it impractical for general use.

I was going to start looking at GDAL 2.0 this weekend, but I need to check that my development environment is working properly first. Shouldn’t be too hard.

All-Around Framework & Python Update

Almost all of the frameworks have been updated.

  • GDAL 1.11.3
  • PROJ 4.9.2
  • SQLite with Spatialite 4.3
  • UnixImageIO 1.5.1 — includes updated libtiff 4.0.6, libpng 1.5.23, libgeotiff 1.4.1, openjpeg 2.1

Many python modules have been updated:

  • Numpy 1.9.2
  • Scipy 0.16.0
  • Matplotlib 1.4.3

NOTE: Numpy and Scipy are now 64bit-only. Do not update these if you use them in GRASS, because GRASS currently runs python in 32bit mode.

Catching up, part 1

PROJ 4.9.1 is the main update in the frameworks. I also updated to SQLite3 And finally I updated Shapely in the GEOS framework, and refreshed the GEOS build. (This takes care of the last Snow Leopard remnants, all maintained frameworks are now Lion minimum.)

GRASS Status

I haven’t used GRASS in years. QGIS is my tool now, and where I work.

So, I won’t be packaging GRASS any more, starting with GRASS 7. Check the GRASS website for other sources of Mac packages, Michael Barton will be doing the standard Mac packages.

I may package 6.4.5 when it is released.

I will still bundle GRASS in QGIS for use by QGIS.