MapServer 4.6 and Graphics Libs update

Well, aren’t things just happnin here!?

MapServer 4.6 (final) is here, just in time for OSG.

Graphics Libs – added a patch I discovered while poking around PDFlib. It adds support for certain old JPEGs-in-TIFFs created by Wang software.

That’s all for now. Off to OSG.

Another GIS Libs update

I discovered that an option when building GDAL is a little misleading – with-static-proj (vs. the default ‘dynamic’ linking). That doesn’t mean using the static libproj.a vs. the dynamic libproj.dylib. It means whether it links to libproj at compile time (static) or not (dynamic). Strange, you normally want things linked at compile time, and this is the only GDAL compile option for libraries that does this. Something to do with the Linux way of linking I think (you’d set an environment variable pointing to extra locations to find libraries). So, with the ‘dynamic’ link option, the utilities (gdal_translate, ogr2ogr, …) couldn’t find the GIS Libs libproj and couldn’t project any data.

Well, that’s fixed now in GIS Libs 1.3.3.

I thought I had this all figured out!

OK, looks like PHP and MapServer are not for 10.3.9 either. A couple recent Tiger changes are too much for Panther: libcurl (used in PHP and MapServer) changed from 2 to 3, not just a point version change; and libbz2 (used in PHP) is not in Panther at all.Looks like I’ll have to make separate Panther and Tiger installers after all ๐Ÿ™ I’ll update the dependency checking later so the current installers won’t install on 10.3.9. The previous installers are still available if you need Panther support.

MapServer and Libraries Tiger Update

Finally finished updating the Mapserver, PHP, Postgres and libraries installers for Tiger. The old ones still work on Tiger, it’s just official now. Cleaned things up a bit also. The only version change is to Postgres 8.0.3 and PostGIS 1.0.1. And MrSID has been dropped from GIS Libs (a Tiger issue).

All installer now do version and dependency checking. No worries about forgetting something. Minimum requirements have been upped to Mac OS 10.3.9, Mac OS 10.3.6 compatibility would have required much more work but the old installers are still available. But, Postgres is not required for GIS Libs, PHP and MapServer if you don’t need it. Install just what you need!

Now to work on the build instructions.

Tiger Round 1

I took the Tiger plunge this weekend. Overall, it went smooth. But I don’t care much for Dashboard, and I’m having problems with Spotlight (a common issue it seems).

I did an upgrade install (I’m brave, I guess). All my UNIX builds made it thru. The only hitch was Apache – my httpd.conf was saved to httpd.conf.user_modified and none of my changes were added back to the new httpd.conf. Which means that Apache was using Apple’s PHP. A quick update to httpd.conf restored my PHP and MapServer.

If you did an Upgrade install and are not up to editing httd.conf, here’s what you can do: delete /Library/Receipts/php4apache.pkg; reinstall my PHP package. Simple.

If you do an Archive and Install, or Clean/Erase install, it looks like there should be no problems installing my packages on Tiger. But I’m not sure about Tiger Server.

I have a report that the build instructions also work as is on Tiger.

I hope to start working on Tiger builds (and a few updates) soon. I expect backwards compatibility to Mac OS 10.3.6.

Sorry for the downtime

Oops, my host had MySQL problems last week. Tho the problems didn’t affect the site much, my host decided to update MySQL yesterday, and that killed it.I guess I should keep a closer eye on my site, and not wait for someone to gripe (or not).

Now thing’s are moving

I now have all the old pages moved into the Geeklog system. For now they are just encased in GL shells, same content. Most of them will probably stay that way. As I have time, I will move some into more appropriate plugins – ie gallery, downloads.

The contact link above will send email to me. I may add a spam-resistant email address link later.

Please let me know if you find any problems.